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Juicy J Drops New Track “Neighbor” Featuring Travis Scott

Last night, Juicy J stayed true to his word and dropped his latest single, “Neighbor” featuring Travis Scott. Produced by Buddah Bless, the track finds La Flame handling the song’s chorus and first verse.

“Filled on drugs, yeah/That’s my love in a cup, yeah/Keep it shut, yeah/Got the dogs in the cut/Really off balance/Heard he got talent/Really ecstatic/Moonwalking backwards/Plane got wood floors on the cabin/Hit a flight attendant, diamond status/Keep a actress on the Addies daily, lookin’ like Boogie Nights in the 80s” Scott spits over a flute-driven instrumental.

Juicy J then comes in for the track’s second verse, rapping, “I go live like Kodak/Niggas keep dying, fuck Xanax/I kill shit, what’s next?/Nigga can’t stop my flex/She told me put it on her chest (right there)/She don’t even want no check/Got Cardi on lean like Offset/I ain’t even gotta rap, nigga I’m set.”

Listen to “Neighbor” below.

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