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Justin Timberlake Dazzles With His “Man Of The Woods” Tour

by Cristian Cedillos

The Notic, photo by Cristian Cedillos
photo by Cristian Cedillos for The Notic


Have you ever watched Justin Timberlake perform, whether it was in person or on TV? If you have, then you know that he’s an all-time great performer that gives it his all every time.

2018 has been a big year for the 37-year-old singer. He headlined the Super Bowl, dropped his album “Man of The Woods”, and is back with the “Man Of The Woods Tour” that provides a mesmerizing experience for all of his fans.

JT started off the show with his new song “Filthy” and closed the two hour show off with “Can’t Stop The Feeling” from the movie Trolls. In between, JT performed songs from his 15-year career, such as “My Love”, “Suit & Tie”, “Cry Me a River”, “Summer Love”, “Rock Your Body”, and also included first-time live performances of songs off his “Man Of The Woods” album, such as “Higher Higher”, “Man of the Woods”, “Montana”, and “Morning Light”.

During the intermission, a video displayed on the projection screen showed multiple couples sharing their experiences of when they fell in love. Shortly after, JT reappeared with his dancers and backup singers gathered around a campfire and campsite that was lit on the left side of the stage . He played his guitar while singing “Until The End Of Time”, “Flannel”, and “Morning Light”. His backup singers also had their time to shine performing solos of classic hits, such as Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” and “Come Together” by the Beatles.

A funny moment during the show was when he brought Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki to the stage where they toasted a drink together. JT called Dirk a “good friend” and recalled when Nowitzki came to see him after one of his first shows in Dallas many years ago and said that Dirk asked him “Why did you not close with ‘Rock Your Body’?”. The crowd laughed and cheered. JT responded that the advice from Dirk was a good idea, but then asked, “Why you don’t have a ring though?” as the crowd laughed and cheered. JT finished by saying that since they had that conversation, “The rest is history.”

As JT ended the night with “Can’t Stop The Feeling”, he not only danced on every side of the stage, but showed his gratitude and appreciation toward the fans all throughout the night, whether it was starting “Happy Birthday” chants for certain fans, or taking selfies with the fans. He certainly made long lasting impressions that night that many fans will appreciate and never forget.

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