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Today (Oct. 22),  Kyle teams up with Wiz Khalifa to release the video for their track, “Moment.”

In the visual, Kyle is working at a movie theater for a terrible boss. When his boss instructs him to clean up one of the theaters, Kyle has a daydream in which he walks around the city, turns up with Wiz Khalifa and more. Ultimately, by the end, Kyle snaps back to reality and is still an employee at the theater.

“Moment” was featured in the Netflix film The After Party, also starring Kyle, which debuted on Aug. 24. On the melodic sounding track, Kyle raps about his rise to success. “This feel like my chance/This feel like my moment/Everyone needs a fan/Everyone needs a close up,” he raps on the chorus.

Wiz then follows up by discussing how the people in his life are just as focused on the prize as he is.

“No new friends, I’m curvin’ lames/My niggas solid, stay the same/I see the top, that’s my favorite place/Going to work, don’t got time to waste,” he raps.

Check out Kyle and Wiz Khalifa’s “Moment” video below.

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