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Seattle rapper Lil Mosey tends to keep to himself. For someone whose popularity has been on the rise over the last year, touting 100 million-plus views between his videos for “Noticed” and “Kamikaze,” there’s still things about him that his fans don’t know.

Before the bars, Mosey was an athletically-inclined kid. “I used to play sports, basketball, football,” he shares. “Once I got into like 8th grade, I started just fuckin’ with basketball.” Wanting to get his bread up took over soon after. “Once I got into high school, I stopped playing,” Mosey admits. “I was just tryna make money. That’s why I started making music.”

While the rapper had his own vision for success, Mosey’s mother had her sights set high for her son. “My mom wanted me to be like… a doctor, a lawyer,” he explains. “I was with it, being like a lawyer or something, because you make hella money and I wasn’t tryna be broke.” His grades ended up holding him back, but things worked out pretty well. “Popular rapper” isn’t a bad job at all.

When it comes to rappers Mosey was into early on, his tastes were quite varied. “The first artists i was ever introduced to was Meek Mill and IAmSu!,” he says, excitedly. “Meek Mill, I really only listen to him. But IAmSu! and Joey BadA$$, my brother showed me all them.” Three rappers from three different regions meant a lot to Mosey. Hip-hop continues to inspire.

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