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Miguel: The Ascension Tour Review

To say things were a tad bit steamy at the Southside Ballroom a couple nights ago is be a huge understatement.

This past Wednesday (Sept 12th),  R&B superstar Miguel dropped by the Southside Ballroom in Dallas, TX as part of his 26-date Ascension Tour, where he was joined by Nonchalant Savant and OVO artist DVSN.

We had the opportunity to check out the tour here in Dallas on Wednesday night and it sure didn’t disappoint. As we pulled up, fans were already standing in line wrapped around the whole block to enter the venue. Fans in line were worried once the it started to drizzle outside, but luckily the venue opened the doors a few minutes early just in time to avoid any possible rain.  15 minutes 7:30pm, the evening got started as Nonchalant Savant was the first to go on stage.

Upon the screen was the name ‘Nonchalant Savant’ and as we learned later on, he is actually the younger brother of Miguel.  After performing for about 30 minutes, next up was dvsn.  Highlighted by songs like “Hallucinations,” “Morning After,” and “Think About Me,” the performance was filled with spectacular vocals, reverberating bass, and dope light presentation that made everything come together nicely.

A little past 9:30 and Miguel finally came out and took the stage. The R&B star had the audience fully engaged the entire night, touching on highlights from throughout his four-album catalog while majestically dancing around the stage. With the help of a live band, he made the most of emotional peaks in his work, having the women screaming all night long.

Miguel proved why he’s truly an artist that leaves it all on the stage and brings the energy to give the people a show that they’ll never forget.. His performance at the Murat was definitely that of a Grammy award-winning artist, and his overall presentation was sensual to say the least.  There’s still a few more chances to catch him before his Ascension Tour wraps up September 28th in Seattle, Washington. Grab your tickets and get out there and experience the show and beautiful overall presentation.


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