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Out of nowhere, Smokepurpp tosses heat into the mix. Over the weekend, the South Florida rapper released the new banger “But I Still Respect Women.”

The one verse cut is produced by A Lau, Tony Seltzer and Purpp, and has the usual trappings of works from the Deadstar rapper with a lit soundscape that can be moshed to if need be.

Smokepurpp attacks the track with a fast flow. “I got a bitch in Atlanta/She love sucking dick when we ride in the Mazi,” he raps on the chorus. “I take a trip to the bank/And I grab 20 bands and I take it to Follies/Caught a bitch checking my phone/And I don’t even care I’m like ‘Fuck it, she caught me’/Bitch wanna argue with me/But I said it one time ‘Sorry, I don’t say sorry.'”

He continues his unapologetic tenor on the verses. “Sorry, bitch, I don’t say sorry/I’m all VLONE like I’m Bari/She sucking my dick in the bathroom/And we in a party, she geeked off the molly/I know I’m a target, I could buy a Target,” he raps.

Listen to Smokepurpp’s new song “But I Still Respect Women” below.

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