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According to Sosamann himself, the human trafficking charge he was reportedly arrested for in May has been dismissed. The Taylor Gang rapper shared the news in an Instagram post on Thursday afternoon (June 6), just as he was leaving the courthouse.

“First and foremost I wanna thank God, myself and my guy @ladefenselawyer for puttin it down one time,” reads the caption for the post, which includes a video of the rapper outside of a courthouse. “[Second] I wanna say the #system tried to do me dirty at the beginning but they made it all right at the end.. and last but not least to all the #people and #MediaOutlets that tried to dirt my name and make me look brazy out here… shame on you especially the ones that know me know damn well ion move like dat .. now y’all @ them people, blog sites and all the rest who thought I was #Done and tell em STOP PLAYIN WIT M #KaseDismissed #HumanWhat”

You can view Sosamann’s post for yourself below.

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