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Thirty Seconds to Mars ‘Monolith Tour’ Review

Acclaimed rock group Thirty Seconds to Mars (made up on brothers Jared and Shannon Leto) headlined The Dos Equis Pavilion in Dallas, TX as part of “The Monolith Tour,” for a excellent turnout.
K.Flay and Walk The Moon, all served as their opening acts, where they were able to warm up the stage for the California rockers.

Thirty Seconds to Mars kicked off their show with “Monolith,” where their elaborate stage set underwent a neat transformation. “Dallas Texas, make some fucking noise,’ Jared Leto said, and continued with “Up in the Air.”

After telling everybody to get down, he immediately broke into “Kings and Queens.” “New York City,” he exclaimed. “How are you feeling out there?” he asked, and was dancing around the stage. Following the warm reception of “King and Queens,” he reiterated his gratitude multiple times to the crowd. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” Jared Leto said.

They showed the rebellious side on “This Is War,” as giant balls bounced around the venue.  “Anybody heard a song called ‘Dangerous Night’?” Jared asked, and showcased his rich, smooth vocals on the tune, as well as his strong storytelling ability. “Are you having a good time?” he subsequently asked, and the answer was a resounding “yes.”

“Hail to the Victor” was the song that touched his listeners on an emotional level, and he encouraged them to put their hands up in the air. “Get your hands up,” Jared exclaimed.

Jared went on to perform “Rescue Me,” a tune about pain, anxiety and depression, and overcoming all of those things and celebrating life. He really captured the rawness of the lyrics, and encouraged the fans to hold their cell phones up in the air during his moving rendition of “Great Wide Open,” which was inspirational and liberating at the same time.

Overall, Thirty Seconds to Mars did a phenomenal job performing. It is evident that Jared Leto and his brother, Shannon, are like fine wine, where they only get better with age and experience. It was an awesome, top-notch musical experience that is recommended for all fans of rock music and Thirty Seconds to Mars. Jared Leto showcased his eccentric yet irresistible personality, as well as his tremendous stage presence throughout the night; moreover, their energy level was infectious.

Check out a few of the photos from the Monolith Tour below.

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